End of Hope (2014)

by Abstraction

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Abstraction’s debut album entitled “End Of Hope” includes 9 puzzle pieces that paint an artistic picture that shows the consequences of our modern commercialized and dehumanized everyday-life into the future of our world. The sound is characterized by neo-classical influences, solid male choirs and irregular rhythmic schemes.


released February 10, 2014

Abstraction are:

Mladen Medarov – vocals
Danail Karjilov – guitars
Ivaylo Rashev – bass, backing vocals
Antonio Velkov – drums, backing vocals, lead vocal on "Same Again"
Pavel Serafimov – keyboards, guitars, backing vocals



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Abstraction Zlatitsa, Bulgaria

Abstraction is a power-progressive metal band from Bulgaria, formed in 2009 (under the name Chronology). After a period of time spent on playing covers, they changed their name to Abstraction and started creating their own music – a result of their unique vision. ... more

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Track Name: Wolf
Music & lyrics by P. Serafimov

When in the evening dusk kills the day and silent darkness falls
The full moon rising chases away the sleep with a fairy light.
And then you hear the howl of the wolf cutting in two the night
The sparks of fire that flash in the dark are bringing to you delight.

Tonight the forest is singing its song
So many secrets it keeps for so long

A forgotten story tells about a human lost in the night
Then he met a lone wolf - the king of the forest twilight
And the human asked the wolf about the road to the town
The wolf answered: “Don`t go to the town, if you want to be free.”

He has seen so many lies and so much pain in the town
Among intrigues, objection and hate the man`s world is going down.
From now on, he has chosen to be free among the wolves
Because among the people the spite has already rooted itself.

Tonight the forest sings again
A song of freedom to meet the man

“Join us in the heart of the forest!
Now you are one of the wolves and forget the pain.
Here`s the freedom, here`s the happiness,
Here you can be clean like a summer rain”.

And now every night he meets the moonrise, a wolf who before was a man.
Now he roves in the wild paradise and hears the nature`s refrain.
And people living in the town have all become slaves of the hate.
A man eats a man with wolfish appetite, and this is the human`s fate.
Track Name: Wondering
Music by A.Velkov, lyrics by M.Medarov

I`m wondering where my faith has gone
Like stolen from a child precious gift.
I`m wondering where my power`s gone
River flowing from me leaving cold dry sands.

I`m wondering where the color`s gone
My eyes only see grey trees without leaves.
I`m wondering where my dreams have gone
Only nightmares come to me in day and night.

I`m not wondering anymore I just know there is nothing inside me.
Empty space, empty mind, emptiness all around me.
I just want you to know what`s left in me.

I`m wondering where my faith has gone
Like stolen from a child precious gift.
I`m wondering where my dreams have gone
Only nightmares come to me in day and night.

What keeps me in, what lets me go through the troubles?
What urges my look to search for food for my prisoned soul?

I`ll just go forward and wait for the end of the road,
Not a power, not a faith I have in me anymore
Which will help me to spread my wings.
Track Name: The Game
Music & lyrics by P.Serafimov

We live in a world plunged in violence
Some people play a game obscured by dense smoke
Everyone of us is a pawn of their aims
And to survive I don`t have a good chance

Players are on line, waiting for start
Possessed by passion, dial out the cards
The chessmen onboard looking afraid
They really don`t know what to expect

It doesn`t matter which is the game
It doesn`t matter which is its name
We are losing it anyway
The winners are always the same

I don`t have the right to vote for my fate
But what can I do? It`s already too late
I feel like a toy, a “hero” of fools
And people around me are nobody`s tools

I can`t take anymore, my power is gone
I`m feeling that I`m too tired to fight
And it is time for me to decide
I have to get out of the Game

My destiny I already rule with an iron hand
I reached the edge and found a door between the life and death
I feel no fear, I feel no pain. This is my end
Flying into the light, the helpless days I`ll never forget

Now I`m out of the game. Already I see
The angels of death flying with me.
Now I`m out of reach. The closed door is behind me…
Track Name: The Last Man on Earth
Music & lyrics by P.Serafimov

Like the sun at the end of the day
His long life is going down
Like a flame burning out in the gleeds
His tired eyes slowly fade out

He knows - the end is coming close and nothing`s eternal.
A human`s born and dies alone. It is the nature`s law.

Once upon a time there were
Too many people ‘round
But now everybody is gone
He`s all alone in the town

He has the wisdom of all time but now it is useless.
Because now under empty sky he stays sole alive.

There are no birds in the sky. There are no lights in the night.
There’s just nothing as he`s the last man on the earth.

He knows that now it`s his turn
But he is not just the next one
From this road there`s no return
There is no one after him …
Track Name: Piece of Life
Music by P. Serafimov
Track Name: Shattered Pieces
Music by A.Velkov, lyrics by M.Medarov

Every night I look into the dark sky
And search for a falling star to get my dream come true.
And every day the story is the same but the wrong seems right
And I don`t know why there`s nothing I can change.

Searching every night.
It`s not my fortune star.

I`ve read a thousand lessons and advices I have heard
And I`m losing the point trying to save what`s left from my dreams.
I`ve lost so many times and many mistakes I`ve done.
Maybe that`s my destiny`s way and there`s nothing I can change.

New day is coming fast
But I didn`t realize the past
Every step was wrong
Every move was like a storm

And fear embraces me and it`s slowing me down.
My mind rejects what my heart really needs inside.
And the puzzle cannot be solved, destiny`s torn it apart
On too many shattered pieces around me there`s nothing I can change.
Track Name: The Righteous Path
Music by D.Karjilov, lyrics by M.Medarov

If I wasn`t blind I would see you dirty faces
If I wasn`t deaf I would hear you dirty lies
If I wasn`t mute you would hear my screaming soul
If I wasn’t mad maybe you would understand me

Come to me, maybe I am dreaming.
How can I see if I feel nothing?

My soul is in danger
Every dream`s getting stranger

“I want to help you pass the road and feel the real life.
Listen to me, let me guide you.
I’ll show you which way is the right one.”

I don`t need you to show me which way is the right one
I don`t need your light I will walk this road alone
Although I will fall, this will never stop my journey
At the end I`ll know if this was the righteous path

“One step, two steps I`ve made.
One step, two steps, I see the end.
Listen to me, let me show you.
I wanna help you pass the road.”
Track Name: Requiem for a Dead Planet
Music by P.Serafimov, Lyrics by M.Medarov/P.Serafimov

I`m turning my head back for last time
And seeing the picture that we left
Only dead silence staying behind
And ruins laying on the ground

She was forworn, battered and torn - Mother Earth
Slowly dying, lonely crying – Ancestors’ land

We`re here because of our greed
The few left alive – the chosen ones
Staring into the Great unknown
Expecting the ship to fly away

We are looking with hungry eyes into the Space
Seeking for some, wild, new–found lands to destroy

History tells about the ancient times and Noah`s ark
That led the world to new beginning for mankind.
That`s not the case for our ship that flies away into the Space.
It doesn`t bring a new beginning, only end.
Track Name: Same Again
Music & lyrics by A.Velkov

Many days have passed without your smile
I tried to see and tried to feel
But is it really enough to understand
What is love and what is life itself?
Fighting the long days, facing the truth behind
Where is hope in this equation?

Take me, lead me. Find myself, I will be waiting.
Hurt me, drown me. I`m the one that is to blame.
Take me, feel me. There is no return, I know it.
Hurt me, kill me. I will be the same again...

Remembering all the things we had before
And all it was, a dream or not
Regret was something never known
How come we took that road of tears?
I`ve always thought I rule my life
Reality`s that life rules you

Take me, lead me. Find myself, I will be waiting.
Hurt me, drown me. I`m the one that is to blame.
Take me, feel me. There is no return, I know it.
Hurt me, kill me. I will be the same again...