Wolf (Single 2013)

by Abstraction

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First single from Abstraction


released May 15, 2013

Mladen Medarov - vocals
Danail Karjilov - guitars
Antonio Velkov - drums, vocals
Ivaylo Rashev - bass, vocals
Pavel Serafimov - keys, guitars, vocals

guest musician: Kiril Yanev ac. guitars
recorded in 2012 - 2013
mixed by Kiril Yanev and Serafim Bidenev
mastered by Kiril Yanev at Balkandji Studio
Cover art by Yori Ivanova



all rights reserved


Abstraction Zlatitsa, Bulgaria

Abstraction is a power-progressive metal band from Bulgaria, formed in 2009 (under the name Chronology). After a period of time spent on playing covers, they changed their name to Abstraction and started creating their own music – a result of their unique vision. ... more

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Track Name: Wolf

When in the evening dusk kills the day and silent darkness falls
The full moon rising chases away the sleep with a fairy light.
And then you hear the howl of the wolf cutting in two the night
The sparks of fire that flash in the dark are bringing to you delight.

Tonight the forest is singing its song
So many secrets it keeps for so long

A forgotten story tells about a human lost in the night
Then he met a lone wolf - the king of the forest twilight
And the human asked the wolf about the road to the town
The wolf answered: “Don`t go to the town, if you want to be free.”

He has seen so many lies and so much pain in the town
Among intrigues, objection and hate the man`s world is going down.
From now on, he has chosen to be free among the wolves
Because among the people the spite has already rooted itself.

Tonight the forest sings again
A song of freedom to meet the man

“Join us in the heart of the forest!
Now you are one of the wolves and forget the pain.
Here`s the freedom, here`s the happiness,
Here you can be clean like a summer rain”.

And now every night he meets the moonrise, a wolf who before was a man.
Now he roves in the wild paradise and hears the nature`s refrain.
And people living in the town have all become slaves of the hate.
A man eats a man with wolfish appetite, and this is the human`s fate.
Track Name: The Righteous Path

If I wasn`t blind I would see you dirty faces
If I wasn`t deaf I would hear you dirty lies
If I wasn`t mute you would hear my screaming soul
If I wasn’t mad maybe you would understand me

Come to me, maybe I am dreaming.
How can I see if I feel nothing?

My soul is in danger
Every dream`s getting stranger

“I want to help you pass the road and feel the real life.
Listen to me, let me guide you.
I’ll show you which way is the right one.”

I don`t need you to show me which way is the right one
I don`t need your light I will walk this road alone
Although I will fall, this will never stop my journey
At the end I`ll know if this was the righteous path

“One step, two steps I`ve made.
One step, two steps, I see the end.
Listen to me, let me show you.
I wanna help you pass the road.”
Track Name: Wolf (bulgarian version)
Wolf / Вълк

Koгато вечер умира деня
и всичко потъва в мрак
Луната пълна прогонва съня
и буден отново си пак.
Тогава чуваш вълчия вой
разсичащ на две нощта.
Искра пробясва, но сякаш е той
във сянката на свещта.

Гласът на белия вълк е това.
Каква е странната му съдба?

Приказка стара разкасва как
човек се изгубил в нощта
И срещнал тогава вълк единак,
попитал за път към града.
Вълкът отговорил му: Искаш ли
свободен да бъдеш без край
в града не отивай, остани!
Гората е истински рай.

Решил човека, че по-добре вълк
сред вълците на свобода
Човек сред хората става по-зъл
заложник на свойта съдба.
И той станал един от тях.
Сега не знае какво е страх.

И ето го, белия вълк – бивш човек
броди из дивия рай,
А долу, при хората, вълчия век
започнал е, но няма край.